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The Binge – TCF Review

TCF Review: Appeased/LOL (see definitions).

There is nothing wrong with a good ole ‘epic party’ film, e.g. Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, Dazed and Confused, Super Bad, American Pie, The Night Before, and Good Boys. This sub-genre will be around for as long as society continues to have parties. Insert the latest epic party film from Hulu, The Binge. The subplot is based on The Purge films except that in The Binge all drugs and alcohol are banned in the United States (except for one day per year). ALL DRUGS ARE LEGAL on this one day known as The Binge. However that concept does not play into the movie as much as you might think. The movie is basically a repeat, e.g. less popular high school buddies embark on an epic journey to have the night of their lives at an epic party all while the boundaries of their friendship are tested. Feels just like The Night Before, Super Bad and Good Boys because it basically is a rinse and repeat. But that’s okay because that is what this sub-genre is supposed to be. The question is whether or not they pull it off? Honestly, the first half hour I was definitely leaning towards saying the movie failed to achieve its purpose. But it continued to develop and started to feel a bit more like the movie I expected to be watching. So, I do feel Appeased and its worth a watch if you like the epic party sub-genre. Just don’t expect it to be better than any of the aforementioned films.

What is good? You know what you are going to get going into this movie and Vince Vaughn delivers.

What is bad? The “originality” of this movie appears to be the satirical subplot (The Purge-esque theme) but it really has zero impact to the movie. You wouldn’t feel any different removing that part of the story.

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The Karate Kid Returns

“What is old becomes anew. Old news, is new news.”

What the heck am I getting at? Cobra Kai is a follow up series to the 80’s Karate Kid films. Set decades later, the tides are now turned on these once foes. Does Daniel LaRusso and Johnny square off again? Whose side are you on?

Originally premiering on YouTube Premium, Netflix has picked up the show with the first two seasons available for streaming tomorrow, August 28. This makes me happy.


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