Rating/Review Glossary


Action Junkie (sit back and enjoy the ride)

Brainiac (some thinking involved)

Cover Your Eyes (pulls off being a scary movie, may need to change your pants afterwards)

Dark (a bit twisted, glum, no light at the end of this tunnel)

Edge of Your Seat (you may be holding your breath, nerve-wracking, full of adrenaline)

EYE CANDY (visually stunning, like being in another world, probably should see it in 3D IMAX or equivalent before it’s too late)

FAIL (did not live up to its hype, lackluster)

Heartstrings (crybaby, super sad or melancholy, extremely happy)

Just Cool (there is something satisfying about it, you just like it intuitively)

LOL (funny enough, comedy that gets the job done)

Monst-er-ous (creatures are good)

Original-ish (new or very creative, in a new way, doesn’t feel like the same ole, same ole, even though there may be no new ideas)

ROFLOL (some scenes may have you rolling on the floor laughing out loud, hilarious)

Rollercoaster (emotionally up and down, periods of elation and sorrow)

Visceral (feel it in the stomach, hits you in the gut, you have strong feelings but aren’t sure why)


Award Worthy (worthy of award consideration)

Straight-Up Solid (would see it again with a friend, or recommend it to others without hesitation)

Appeased (satisfied, not a waste of time, would recommend to others)

Renter-Nothing Better To Do (don’t NEED to see it in a theater, can wait, would not proactively recommend to others but don’t hate it, “it’s alright”)

Walkout (just don’t go see it, waste of time and money)

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