Tenet – TCF Review

TCF Review: Straight-Up Solid/Brainiac/Original-ish/Edge of Your Seat/Action Junkie (see definitions).

Once you’ve seen Tenet for the first time, then you can watch it a second time to actually follow along. Visionary writer and director, Christopher Nolan, uses the concept of entropy as the backdrop to this mind-bending secret agent thriller. The action occurs through ‘forward moving time’ and ‘time moving in reverse’ (otherwise known as ‘inversion’). The movie doesn’t provide the viewer with enough time to absorb what they are watching so multiple viewings should make the movie get BETTER each time. Is it possible that Nolan is creating films (Tenet, Inception, Memento) that need to be watched multiple times as part of a strategy to double or triple his movie sales…

What is good? Ingenious, fun to watch and visually stunning. The movie score has a haunting quality that keeps the viewer feeling impending doom throughout. Very unique.

What is bad? It is difficult to follow and appreciate the first time through.