A New Norwegian Horror Movie – Cadaver

Streaming today on Netflix!

“When a peculiar hotel show draws dinner crowds during a postapocalyptic famine, one family discovers they’ll pay much more than the price of admission” – Netflix


Streaming today – The Haunting of Bly Manor

Netflix just dropped the second installment of the Haunting anthology series – The Haunting of Bly Manor. It is not connected to season one, The Haunting of Hill House, though some of the cast members also appear in this season.

Movies What to Watch

TCF Octoberfest-Horror Movie Recommendations

Here is a list of great horror movies that most people may be unaware of. Have a wonderful Frighty Night horror viewing party.


Hubie Halloween – TCF Review

TCF Review: Just Cool/Appeased (see definitions)

Hubie Halloween is a 2020 Halloween movie starring Adam Sandler just released on Netflix. The bottom line is that you will either ‘enjoy the movie’ – or – ‘definitely not enjoy the movie’. Seriously though, love or hate for the same reason – ADAM SANDLER.

In my many years of movie exploration, I have come to realize there are two types of people in this world: Adam Sandler Doers and Adam Sandler Don’ts. It’s that simple. A person is either satisfied with the entire body of work by Adam Sandler, or does not enjoy any of it. This is not a matter of a particular movie being a certain genre (comedy or drama or dramedy), or the style or movie direction, or even the subject (happy mad golf or gambling addictions). It’s an All or Nothing proposition when it comes to Adam Sandler.

What is good? It’s an Adam Sandler movie!!! It’s a fairly tame, family friendly, seasonal Halloween movie that sticks true to Adam Sandler’s style of movie.

What is bad? It’s an Adam Sandler movie!!! Much of the humor is debatable and the characters are over the top.

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Freaky Friday Releases

October and Halloween is a favorite time of year for a lot of us. Seasonal releases today are Vampires vs The Bronx (Netflix) and Monsterland (Hulu anthology series).

Also being released today is a documentary on Netflix called Dick Johnson is Dead from the award-winning filmmaker Kirsten Johnson.

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